Alenka Jovanovski

Photo: Robert Ocvirk

Alenka Jovanovski is a poet, translator, literary critic, essayist and editor. After a PhD in comparative literature she worked at the universities of Ljubljana and Nova Gorica. Since 2011 she works as a free lancer. She translates from contemporary Italian literature (Pavese in co-translation with G. Malej, Calvino, Milani, Scego, Prosa, Magrelli) and literatures written in English language (M. Randall). Her poetry was published in two collections of poems (Trousers For G., Thousand Eighty Degrees) and translated into Spanish, English and Polish. It can be found in the anthology of women poets from Czech Republic, Ukraine and Slovenia (in Polish, 2013) and in the American anthology of Slovenian poetry (2017). She writes also studies and essays about poetry focusing on the question of ethics and aesthetics, as well as strategies of deactivation of biopoitical machine.

In her recent book of poems (Thousand Eighty Degrees, Center for Slovenian Literature, 2018) she deals with how to subvert the mental matrices that push contemporary individuals into fascism.