Tone Škrjanec

photo: Ille

Tone Škrjanec (Ljubljana, 1953), poet and translator. He graduated in sociology at the University of Ljubljana. After that he had several more or less odd jobs, the last one was in Cultural And Art Centre France Prešeren as programme coordinator and organiser of poetry events, among them from 1994 until 2013 the Ljubljana poetry festival The Tercets of Trnovo. Since 2013 he is s freelance poet and translator and lives in Ljubljana.

His first poetry collection The Blues of Swing came out relatively late, in 1997, others followed on a fairly regular basis: Sun On a Knee (a collection of haikus), Wind Pagodas, Knives, Copper, Skin, The Spirit of the Turtle Is Small and Very Old, Noises Are in the Air (Selected And Very Old Poems), Sweet Cakes and the last one Breathe (2017). Books of his poetry have been published in Poland, Bulgaria, US and Croatia. His poems were translated and published in numerous literary revues and anthologies in Europe and other world.

He collaborated with different musicians (Jani Mujič, Ille); some of these fusions of poetry and music have also appeared on the records (A Bit of Noise and a Pinch of Salt, 2003; Catching the Rhythm, 2006; The Word in Voice and Sound, 2011).

As a translator from English, Croatian and Serbian he is mainly focused on contemporary poetry.