Primary School Poetry Competition


In 2008, festival Pranger expanded its programme to reach out to the youngest readers among us. We named this youth literary programme ELA, after the famous Slovene children’s author Ela Peroci, who was born in Rogaška Slatina.

As the author, herself once said: “I don’t write for children, but TO children and this is how I talk to them”. Thus, we work towards approaching them the festival’s common thread – poetry – in different ways, using the language they speak, the language of play and creativity. One of the opportunities we offer them for artistic ripening and creative expression is the literary competition we send out to primary schools all over the country. Between 2013 and 2015, we also invited high schools to participate.

Because one never knows. Maybe in just a couple of years a young poet once part of ELA may be invited to become part of the festival’s main programme, and thus becoming part of the already rich selection of Pranger’s poet and critics.