Vesna Liponik

Photo: Špela Škulj

Vesna Liponik is a poet, activist, costermonger and young researcher at ZRC SAZU. Her MA thesis, Anthropomorphisation: a critical analysis of a (non)trope, was awarded the Nahtigal Faculty Prize for the best thesis. Her first poetry collection, roko razje (eats away the hand), was published by Škuc-Lambda in 2019 and was nominated for the Critical Sieve Award, the Veronika Award and the Slovenian Book Fair’s Best Literary Debut Award. Her second book, Jabk (Apples), was published by the same publishing house in 2023. Her work has been published in several literary magazines and she has participated in festivals, conferences and readings in Slovenia and abroad. In 2021, she held a performance faq at the Mediterranea Biennial of Young Artists and published a booklet of the same name. Some of her texts have been translated into English, German, Hungarian and Serbian. She is currently employed as a young researcher at the Institute of Philosophy, ZRC SAZU and is a PhD student at the Postgraduate School of ZRC SAZU. She is interested in the transformations of the concepts of “human” and “animal” in contemporary philosophy and aesthetics.