Veronika Rot

veronika rot
Photo: Radio-Television of Slovenia

Veronika Rot is a freelance cultural worker, translator from Spanish and Catalan. In 1999 she graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana with a degree in Hispanic Studies and Philosophy, in Literature and Aesthetics of the Aesthetics of Ortega y Gasset. After graduating, she continued her studies in Barcelona, bringing to our cultural space translations of prominent Spanish, Catalan, Mexican and other authors. She translates for connoisseurs, not just for adults. She is perhaps the most prolific translator from Spanish, having started translating twenty years ago with a translation of the Cuban author Eliseo Alberto, and has translated works by the Chilean author Isabel Allende, the Spaniard Carlos Ruíz Zafón and others. She told Mladinska knjiga: “I don’t want to translate works of lesser artistic merit (there is a lot of that in the catalogues sent out by agents and publishers), I don’t want to translate empty words, I want to translate meanings that settle in me and then in other readers.” Her love of Cervantes has been with her since she was a student.