Špela Frlic

Photo: Lana Špiler

Špela Frlic (1982) graduated in Comparative Literature and Journalism and completed a Master’s degree in Folklore Studies on the topic of contemporary storytelling in Slovenia. She works in the field of storytelling and folk tales, and in her research work she complements stage storytelling with organisational and pedagogical work.

She started her storytelling career at Radio Študent as part of the group Za 2 groša fantazije (2006-2012), she worked with Ana Duša in the framework of the Storytelling Variety (2009-2015), and since 2019 she has been running the Homo Narrans institute. She was the head of the children’s programme at Vodnikova domačija Šiška (2016-2020) and the programme director of the Storytelling Festival (2017-2022). She is the conceptual and content manager of the Fairy Tale Studio project of the Divja misel Institute, which focuses on the development of storytelling competences in children through the development of storytelling tools and cultural-artistic content. Together with her colleagues, she was awarded the Golden Cube 2023 for this project.

Her debut novel Bleščivka (Mladinska knjiga, 2022) was awarded the Večernica Prize 2023.