Kristina Hočevar


Kristina Hočevar is the author of seven poetry collections. She received the Golden Bird Award for Repki (Tiny Tails), and the Jenko Award for her collection Na zobeh aluminij, na ustnicah kreda (Aluminium on the Teeth, Chalk in the Lips). The latter was fully translated into German (Auf den Zähnen Aluminum, auf den Lippen Kreide, DSP, 2017), and was also published as an audio book. Her poems have been included in various anthologies, translated into 15 languages, and also presented through the Versopolis poetry platform. She participates in various Slovenian and international art festivals. Simultaneously  with the publication of her latest book, trilingual poetry collection Rujenje/Half of a C / C 的一半,  Hočevar authored an exhibition at the Škuc Gallery.

Kristina Hočevar also teaches Slovene, proofreads and occasionally translates literature from English