Blaž Božič

Photo Domen Slovinič

Blaž Božič, born in Ljubljana in 1991, is a poet, musician, classical philologist and translator. Currently, he is enrolled in a PhD programme in Greek Literature at the Department of Classical Philology at the University of Ljubljana, working on a dissertation on the hymnic aspects of Nonnus of Panopolis’ epic Dionysiaca. He has published a chapbook, Grč (Gnarl, KUD Kentaver, 2011), and three books of poetry: Potem smo si vranice odprli na nežno valujoči livadi (Then We Opened Up Our Spleens in a Gently Rolling Lea, KUD France Prešeren, 2013), K območnim poročilom (And Now to Local News, Center za slovensko književnost, 2016), and as the latest mleček, žbunje; grobovi v njem (spurge, brush; the graves within, Center za slovensko književnost, 2022). His poetry has been translated into Serbian and English. He plays the guitar for the band nevem nevem and releases experimental breakcore-glitchcore-noise music under the name SsmKOSK.