KUD Pranger
Ulica Heroja Tomšiča 9A
2000 Maribor

Urška P. Černe
head of the festival
+386 31 258 116

Nina Medved
producer, PR
+386 40 62 62 64

dr. Nada Grošelj
in charge of translators

mag. Nataša Koražija
ELA – Little Pranger

Young Critique

Where are we?

Rogaška Slatina and Rogatec

“Don’t fly to the sinful Parnassus! There is nothing but lies and vanity there. Here is the source of health and true divine power.“

The legend from the 17th century has it that Apollo, the healing and sun god stopped the winged horse Pegasus, as he was about to fly to Mount Parnassus.

And Pranger brought Parnassus and Poetry to the town … Pegasus and Rogaška Slatina. More.