Vid Sagadin Žigon

photo: ZUK Murakon archive

Vid Sagadin Žigon is the Don Quixote of the Slovenian literary scene. Surrounded by Sancho Panzas he’s been (un)successfully tilting at windmills. He considers it an honor if he manages to provoke a spark of resistance or defiance with his literary works in the hearts of contemplative people in these dehumanizing times. His motto is that one should defend the truth of one’s existence with artistic means, with a mental virility and with being honest to oneself. He writes essays and (or foremost) poetry. His most recent poetry collection is entitled Metamorfoze, the first two (Drevored, 2010 and Špilunga, 2015) have already been sold out. He identifies with Castaneda’s definition of a warrior who is willing to give up everything except for his madness. That’s why Vid Sagadin Žigon is not willing to lay down his sword in his fight for the Truth, Beauty, Goodness and the rest of the rusty products in his dusty lumber room of Ideas. His essays deal with everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask.