Varja Balžalorsky Antić

Photo: poet’s personal archive

Varja Balžalorsky Antić (1979, Koper) is poet, translator and literary theorist. She is the author of a collection of poems Vera Revjakina’s B. Hat (LUD Šerpa, 2018). Her poems are translated into English, French, Serbian and Spanish. She has translated from French (H. Michaux, P. Quignard, P. Bourdieu, J. L. Nancy, H. Lefebvre, S. Germain, J. Le Rider etc.) and Serbian (M. Pantić, B. Vasić, L. Blašković, I. Antić, A. Marković). Currently, she is researcher at the Department of Comparative Literature and Literary Theory at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana where she has been teaching since 2009. Her monograph Lyrical subject. A Rekonceptualisation will appear this year at ZRC SAZU Press.