Saša Pavček

saša pavček pranger
Photo: Peter Uhan

Saša Pavček (b. 1960 in Ljubljana, Slovenia) is a theatre and film actress, a leading actress at the Slovenian National Theatre Drama Ljubljana, a poet, essayist and playwright, and professor at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and TV (University of Ljubljana), where she graduated in 1983. In 1986/1987 she studied in Paris, performed bilingual recitals of Slovenian poetry, and performed in the Théâtre Arcane.

In 2005, she published On Stage in the Evening, her first volume of plays and essays. It was followed by a book of poetry Dress Me in a Kiss (2010), a fairy tale Why is the Field a Lake (2014), winning the national Golden Pear token of recognition in 2015, and a verse tale Rumi and the Sea Captain (2018).

Most of her works have been translated into foreign languages, some have been published in Buenos Aires and Banja Luka. Her plays (Pure Spring of Love, One or Two, Aria, Under the Snow, On the Waves) have been staged in Slovenia and internationally (London, Hercegnovi, Prijedor, Belgrade).

She has performed in over 120 roles in theatre, film and television. She is the recipient of 27 awards and nominations, most notably: the national Borštnik Ring Award for Life Achievement in Theatre (2017), the Prešeren Fund Award (2000), the Vesna Film Award (2011), the Golden Bird Award for dancing (1982), the Peace and Friendship Among Nations Literary Award (Iran, 2008) for the radio play Aria, the Italian Umberto Saba Award for the play One or Two (2004). She has been shortlisted several times for the national Grum Award for best new play, the Desetnica Prize and the Mira Literary Award.

From 2017 to 2019 she was the president of the Slovenian Association of Dramatic Artists, also responsible for the Jernej Šugman Fund. She is a member of the Slovenian Writers’ Association and is actively involved in the following organizations: Slovenia Reads, Easy Reading, and Slovenia Transplant.