Peter Semolič

peter semolič festival pranger
Photo: Tihomir Pinter

Peter Semolič, born in Ljubljana in 1967, studied General Linguistics and Cultural Studies at the University of Ljubljana. He is the author of fourteen books of poetry: Tamarisk (1991), The Roses of Byzantium (1994), House Made of Words (1996), Circles Upon the Water (2000), Questions About the Path (2001), Border (2002) The Bog Fires (2004), A place for You (2006), The Journey Around the Sun (2008), The Milky Way (2009), Poems and Letters (2009), Night in the Middle of the Day (2012), The Other Shore (2015) and Visits / Visite (bilingual Slovenian Italian book, 2016). He has received many prizes for his work, including Jenko’s Poetry Prize and the Prešeren Fund Award. In 1998 he also won the Vilenica Crystal Award and Velenjica – čaša nesmrtnosti in 2016. Peter Semolič also writes plays, children’s literature, essays and translates from English, French, Serbian and Croatian. He is co-founder and co-editor of first Slovenian online poetry magazine Poiesis (