Monika Vrečar

Photo: video Šovinistka

Monika Vrečar was born in 1984 in Kranj, Slovenia. She is the author of the chapbook Začela bova, ko boš pripravljena [We Will Begin When You Are Ready] (2011, KUD Kentaver); the short-story collection Kdo je Najel Sonce [Who Hired the Sun] (2012, LUD Šerpa); the poetry book Šovinistka [Female Chauvinist] (2019, Hiša Poezije); and the video-poetry works Božiček [Santa] (2012), I saw he he (2014), and Šovinistka [Female Chauvinist] (2019). She has also published scholarly articles in the field of media theory, as well as literary and art reviews. Since 2014 she has lived in Winnipeg, Canada, where she teaches media studies at the University of Winnipeg.