Matjaž Zorec

Fotomontaža z naslovnice Trohejev

Born in Trbovlje, grew up in Hrastnik and is currently living in Ljubljana. Has a degree in comparative literature, which he studied in the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. Long time associate of the cultural programme of Radio Student, for which he writes and directs radio plays, is working as a literary, theatre and film critic, and is also author of longer broadcasts about some lines of thought he considers crucial (Hegel, Marx, Freud, Wagner etc.). Has also written for Airbeletrina, Ekran, Sodobnost and Pogledi.

His literature is published mainly in Idiot and consists of fragments of longer prose texts, as well as an adaptation of radio play Mala šola neolibertinstva, sadistična miniaturica. And of course, the same magazine also published poetry that has accumulated into the book Troheji. Let a friend, Bara Kolenc, speaks of it: ‘With each word, it fills our dried up Slovenian language with fresh life juices of all kinds, it is uncompromising about everything: everyday, love, sex, habit, ideologies, poetry, art, politics, philosophy.’