Maja Šučur

foto: Mojca Pišek

Maja Šučur was born in Ljubljana (1989). She spent her high-school years in Maribor, where she attended Prva gimnazija. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Slovenian language and Comparative Literature from the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. She is a literary critic, writing mostly for Literatura, but also for Dialogi, Pogledi and Časopis za kritiko znanosti. She is currently very happy working as a journalist for Dnevnik’s cultural pages. If she has any time left she’s occasionally proofreading, every spring she helps organizing the International feminist and queer festival Red Dawns. She’s now a coordinator and project manager at Slovenian association of Literary Critics, but her first literary review was written a few years ago at Pranger’s student debate so she’s now excited to return to the scene of the crime.