Kristina Hočevar


Kristina Hočevar (1977) is a poet and graduate of Slovene Language and General Linguistics at the Ljubljana Faculty of Arts. She works as a teacher in secondary school, does proof reading of prose in translation for different publishing houses and lately translates poetry from English.

She has written six books of poetry: V pliš (Into Plush, Cankarjeva založba 2004), Fizični rob (The Physical Edge, Cankarjeva založba 2007), Repki (Litlle Tails, Škuc 2008), Nihaji (Oscillations, Cankarjeva založba 2009), Na zobeh aluminij, na ustnicah kreda (Aluminium on Teeth, Chalk on Lips, Škuc 2012) and Naval (Rush, ŠKUC Lamda, 2017). Little Tails received the Golden Bird Award and was nominated for the Veronika Award. Her poetry has been translated into 14 languages and published in magazines and anthologies abroad. Her fifth book Aluminium on Teeth, Chalk on Lips won the Jenko Prize awarded by the Slovene Writers’ Association and has also been translated into German (DSP, 2017).

“Hočevar’s poetry is anything but comforting. The pressure can be felt even at the level of literary language, with enjambments and silences, a choppy rhythm, a minimal expression with precise metaphors and symbols. This is a poetry that overcomes clichés, even at the level of language, and opens issues, particularly those that we usually prefer to avoid in order to satisfy social conventions. (