Iztok Osojnik

iztok osojnik festival pranger
Photo: Urška P. Černe

Iztok Osojnik was born 1951 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is poet, fiction writer, literary scientist, essayist, editor, translator, artist, tour director, mountain climber, cultural manager, and festival organizer. His many occupations took him all around the world. A hippie, a rebel, a rock in the opposition musician, a trend setter in his youth and a co-founder of the prankish movements Industrial dripping, Garbage art and Sous-realisme is still today an independent mind, proceeding along his own artistic paths. After having studied archeology and history of art he graduated in Comparative Literature from the University of Ljubljana (1977). Postgraduate studies at Osaka Gaidai University (1980-82). In 2011 he completed his PhD (historical anthropology). From 1999 until October 2004 he was the Director of the International literary festival Vilenica and developed it from a provincial Central European event into one of the major European literary festivals. He was the founder and the Art director of the Forum of Slavic cultures and at present runs The Golden Boat International Poetry Translating Workshop in Škocjan, the International Comparative Literature Conferences in Škocjan and co-organizes the Vermont College MFA summer residency in Slovenia. He also initiated and co-founded Equrna gallery in Ljubljana and two well established literary festivals in Slovenia: Trnovo Tercets (Ljubljana) and Literary Talks in the Villa Herberstein (Velenje). He is a member of the board of editors of Tvrđa (Zagreb) review, and was the national editor for the Dutch based international internet poetry magazine www.poetryinternational.org. He edited two presentations of the Slovene literature: Slovenia, a Nation of Writers (with Sunandan Roy Chowdhurry, Sampark, fall 2002, New Delhi-London) and Unlocking the Aquarium, Contemporary Writing from Slovenia (with Fiona Sampson, Orient, spring 2004, Oxford Brooks University).  So far, he published 30 collections of poetry, 5 novels and 5 monographs on comparative literature, anthropology, and philosophy (in the Slovenian language) as well as a number of essays and scientific articles. He published 6 collections of poetry in English: Alluminations (City Gallery of Arts of Ljubljana), And Some Things Happen for the First Time (transl. by Sonja Kravanja and Fero Malík, Modry Peter, Canada 2001), Mister Today (transl. by Ana Jelnikar, Jacaranda Press, California 2004), New and Selected Poems (Sampark, New Delhi 2010), Elsewhere (Pighog Press, Brighton 2011), and Wagner (Sampark 2017). His poems and essays were translated and published in 30 languages. He was awarded several national and international literary awards, scholarships and nominations, most lately the prestigious international award KONS 2011.