Ivo Stropnik

Photo Dejan Tonkli

Ivo Stropnik (1966) graduated from the Slovene Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana; he lives and works in Velenje, where he acts as the editor-in-chief of the Velenje Literary Foundation and head of the Lirikonfest Velenje international literary festival, the initiator and the long-standing organiser of the international Pretnar Award conferred to ambassadors of the Slovene language and culture across the world, the Academy Poetic Slovenia, the VelenjicaCup of Immortality poetry award, the Lirikonov Zlat distinction for translation, the Lirikonfestov Zlat distinction for essay, the Winged Turtle award for travelogue, the writers’ and translators’ residence in Velenje, the editor of Rp. Lirikon21 festival anthologies etc.        

Stropnik has published eighteen books of literature for both adults and children, including twelve poetry collections for adults, also presented in literary journals, festival almanacs, and anthologies. His selected poetry has also appeared in an e-book (1 in 2).

Books of poetry for adults: Golden Butterflies (student songbook, 1983), A Thinning Cavalry (poetry papers in the graphic folder by P. Matko, 1991), Groundwater (1991), The Hideaway in the Eye (1993), The Proper Names of My Home (1997), the five-book collection The Growing Dictionary of Melancholy and Joyfulness I–V: The Dew Did Not Forget Me (1997), Distances (1998), I Think of You, Cavity in My Head (2006), The Book of Noises (2009); the anthology Back to Animal (one hundred selected and new poems, 2008); XXXL – Large Loves (2012); A Star Who Tailored a Girl & The Dictionary of Melancholy and Joyfulness (652 selected lyrical entries, 2018); From Anus to Tortoise (2020).