Ivan Dobnik

foto: Sandi Radovan

Ivan Dobnik was born in 1960 in Celje, Slovenia and today lives and woks in Šmatevž in the Savinja Valley and in Ljubljana. He studied philosophy and comparative literature at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ljubljana. He is a poet, author, translator, essayist, critic, as well as the initiator and editor of the Poetikon literary journal. He translates mainly from the French (Michaux, Bonnefoy, Jacottet, Camus). He published the following volumes of potery: Osvobajanje (Liberation, 1980), Kaligrafija lire (The Calligraphy of The Lyre, 1999), Zapreš svoje oči (You Close Your Eyes, 2003); which was nominated for the “Veronika” poetry award (2004); Rhapsodie dans un hiver froide / Rapsodija v mrzli zimi (Rhapsody in Cold Winter, 2006); which was published in French and Slovene; Zapisi z drevesnih lističev(Notes from the Leaves of Trees, 2006), Stimmen slowenischer Lyrik / Glasovi slovenske poezije 1 (Voices of Slovene Poetry 1, 2007); which was published in German and Slovene in collaboration with Andrej Medved and Miklavž Komelj, Svetilnik(Lighthouse, 2008), Bela pesem (The White Poem, 2009), Voices of Slovene Poetry 3 / Glasovi slovenske poezije 3(2010); which was published in English and Slovene in collaboration with Zoran Pevec and Miriam Drev, Pred začetkom(Before the Beginning, 2010), and The Bolska / The Prototype of a Poem (2015). His poetry has been translated into many foreign languages.