Gregor Podlogar

foto: osebni arhiv

Gregor Podlogar, born in Ljubljana in 1974, graduated in philosophy from the University of Ljubljana. He has published his poems in various literary magazines in Slovenia and abroad. Aleph Press published his first two collections of poetry, Naselitve (States, 1997) and Vrtoglavica zanosa (Joy in Vertigo, 2002). In co-authorship with the poet Primož Čučnik and Žiga Kariž, a painter, an experimental book on New York City entitled Oda na manhatenski aveniji (Ode on Manhattan Avenue, 2003) came out with Sherpa Press. It was followed by his collection Milijon sekund bliže (A Million Seconds Closer, 2006). His latest two books, Vesela nova ušesa (Happy New Ears, 2010) and Svet in svet (World & World, 2016) were also published by Sherpa Press. A selection of his work was published in Six Slovenian Poets (Arc Publication, 2006). He was the editor of Slovene side of poetry web-page lyrikline ( and co-organizer of Ljubljana poetry festival Trnovski terceti, he was employed as a host of radio shows on culture at the national radio (Radio Slovenija) and translated some contemporary American poets (C. Hawkey, L. Solomon, P. Killebrew, A. Berrigan among others), he also occasionally performs as a DJ and currently lives in Vienna.