Dejan Koban

Photo: Tina Jenko

Dejan Koban was born in 1979. He remembers being two years old and, in vain, pulling his grandmother’s silver hair to bring her back to life. Without knowing, he is among the founders of ‘the people’s poetry’, and also the artistic diabolical movement called Kobanizem. He enjoys it when some people pay too much attention to him and likes to plan sweet revenge for them. He is the founder of the informal artistic cooperative Ignor. Each year, he chooses one of five Sončnica (Sunflower) books published by the House of Poetry. He does live poetry readings on Facebook. Copyrights annoy him. He considers those poets who cling to them for dear life as unoriginal and afraid of losing everything – they have probably already lost their inspiration. He has published the following poetry collections: Tebi (1997), Metulj pod tlakom (2008), Razporeditve (2013), Frekvence votlih prostorov, oziroma kjer so žirafe resen prometni problem (2016), Klastrfak (2020), najbolj idiotska avtobiografija na svetu in izven (2020) and Mehanizem alge – collected poems (in the works). He screams his poetry in his band Nevemnevem. He is proud of the only award he has ever received and will receive, a forged iron rose awarded to him as the Knight of Poetry at the 2016 Poetry Tournament. He likes to talk a lot, but always in small groups of people whom he can still trust.