Ana Porenta

foto: Gregor Geršak

Ana Porenta (1965) is a master of arts (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Department of Pedagogy and Andragogy), a teacher, a founder of Creativity Development Institute, cofounder of the web portal for poetry and a chief editor of the latter since its beginning in 2007. She has published three collections of poetry: Sem se (I’ve, 2005), Kitke(Plaits, with co-authors Sonja Votolen and Jana Pečečnik, 2009) and Deklice (Girls, 2016). She wrote several textbooks and handbooks on teaching Slovenian at early stages, a youth-novel (, 2004), CD Na sledi za medvedi (Tracking bears, 2002), short stories and theatrical texts for children and adolescents Videzi sveta and Videzi domišljije (Appearances of the world, 2006, Appearances of imagination, 2007). Her poetry has been published in several art magazines and anthologies (Apokalipsa, Dialogi, Lirikon, Literatura, Mentor …). She participates in the project Poetesses about poetesses. She writes editorials, edits poetry collections and coedits yearly anthologies Pesem si (Poem you are, 10 issues so far) and others (JSKD – Public fund of cultural activities Vrhnika, Ribnica). She is the mentor of literary seminars and the experimental project Pesniški odklop (Poetic break). The texts she challenges the participants to write are published in e-anthologies Danes se ne bojim svetlobe (Today I am not afraid of the light, 2015) and Vračamo ti žerjavico, Prometej (We return the embers to you, Prometheus, 2017). She often participates as the selector of literary activity at JSKD of the Republic of Slovenia.