Ana Pepelnik

photo: Wolfgang Kuhn

Ana Pepelnik is a poet and translator.

Her first book of poetry Ena od variant kako ravnati s skrivnostjo was published in 2007 (nominated for The First Book Award). Two years later her second book of poetry Utrip oranžnih luči na semaforjih was published, and in 2013 her third poetry book Cela večnost. All the three books were published by LUD Literatura. Recently, here fourth book Pod vtisom (2015) and her fifth book Tehno (2017) were published by LUD Šerpa.

She translates poetry from English: Elizabeth Bishop, James M. Schuyler, Matthew Zapruder, Joshua Beckman, Noelle Kocot, Matthew Rohrer, and into English. In USA her translation (together with Matthew Rohrer) of Skin (a book from Slovene poet Tone Škrjanec) was published (at Tavern Books). Here poems are also translated into a few foreign languages.

As a poet she took part in international project Metropoetica (under the mentorship of poet from Walles, Zoë Skoulding). As a speaker she takes part in sound-impro performances with trio CPG Impro. As a vocalist (singer) she takes part of Boring Couple band.