Ana Pepelnik

foto: osebni arhiv

Born 1979 in Ljubljana. Her first book of poetry Ena od variant kako ravnati s skrivnostjo (One Way to Treat a Secret) was published in 2007 (nominated for The First Book Award), her second book Utrip oranžnih luči na semaforjih in 2009. In the year 2013 was published her third book of poetry Cela večnost. The last book of her poetry was published in 2015 with the title Pod vtisom.

She translates (mostly) poetry from (mostly) American literature: Elizabeth Bishop, Sylvia Plath, James M. Schuyler, James Tate, Matthew Zapruder, Joshua Beckman, Noelle Kocot, Matthew Rohrer, and into English: Tone Škrjanec and Primož Čučnik. She is a part of an international on-line poetry and multimedia project Metropoetica, and as a speaker takes part in music-sound-scratch-silence-poetry performances (with poet Andrej Hočevar and with CPG Impro).