Aljaž Koprivnikar

Aljaž Koprivnikar (1987), poet and literary critic, was born on a late April night in Ljubljana. As a literary critic he regularly co-operates with various Slovene and international literary magazines and webpages (Literatura, Delo, Versopolis, Radio Ars, Psi vino, Plav…). Within his academic research he most likes to focus on artistic and literary currents from the beginning of the 20th century. In his spare time, he likes to smudge black ink on the blank white spaces of small notebooks, always purchased at a specific – and always the same – place. He likes the dual as much as practising Rilke’s solitude. His poetry has been published in many Slovene, as well as international literary magazines and anthologies, and was translated to Croatian, Czech, German, Greek, English, and Serbian. Currently he is divided between several cities; Ljubljana, Berlin and Prague, which will soon be joined by Lisbon. To the first he returns to Slovenian literature and co-organizes the international critical symposium The Art of criticism, in the second together with the Slovene Cultural Center, he prepares the Anthology of Young Slovene Literature in German translation, in the third, as the Program Director, he leads the International Literary Festival Microfestival and the International Arts Center Prague, at the same time also conducting his doctoral studies, he is moving to the last because of a mixture of nostalgia and love for fado.