Alja Adam


The Slovenian poet Alja Adam graduated from the University of Ljubljana with a degree in Comparative Literature and Sociology of Culture. She earned her doctorate in 2007 in Gender Studies and Feminist Literary Theory, likewise from the University of Ljubljana. Alja Adam is the author of three poetry collections: Zaobljenost (Roundedness, 2003), Zakaj bi omenjala Ahila (Why Mention Achilles, 2009), and Dolgo smo čakali na dež (We’ve Long Waited on the Rain, 2015). Her poems have been translated into thirteen languages, and have appeared in diverse publications and anthologies in Slovenia and abroad. She is considered one of the most prominent authors of her generation. Her third collection, We’ve Long Waited on the Rain, was nominated for the Veronika Prize in 2016. The collection Why Mention Achilles was published in Spanish translation by the publishing house e.d.a. libros in 2012. It was also published in Italy in 2009, and in Croatia in 2014. Alja Adam regularly participates in literary festivals at home and abroad. In addition to poetry, she writes essays, fairytales, and scientific articles. She is a mentor of creative writing, and a lecturer on world literature at the University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia. She also focuses on research into, and the development of, innovative educational programs for children and adults, in which she blends creative writing practices with Gestalt therapy and yoga.