Aleš Mustar

photo: Tihomir Pinter

Ales Mustar was born in 1968 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is a poet and literary translator and works as a freelancer. He graduated from English language and literature at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and took his Ph.D. degree in Romanian literature at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Letters, Romania. In 2005 he has published a book of poetry C(o)urt Interpretations, which was nominated for the best debut author of the year and has been translated into English and Macedonian.  In 2017 he published his second book of poetry Middle Age, which was nominated for two the most important prices in Slovenia, for the the best poetry collection published in the previous two years accorded by Slovene Writers’ Association and the Veronika award for the best poetry collection of the year. His poems appeared in translation in many foreign languages and included in many anthologies. For the last twenty years he has been translating literature from Romanian and Macedonian, mostly contemporary poetry and fiction and so far has translated more than 30 volumes.  A selection of his poetry in Romanian translation was recently published with  the title The Portrait of an Artist as a Middle Age Man, which was selected as Book of the Week by the renowned literary platform Literomania. He also writes texts for alternative theatre. He contributed texts for theatre performances Sixteen Turns (En-Knap, 2005) and Feng Shot in a Theater without Actors (Maska, 2011). His latest book of poetry, The Chronicle is about to be published.