Programme 2019


At the heart of the festival Pranger lie the dignity of art and reception of art. When faced with the poet, how to tell one’s opinion politely and with good intentions as well as solid arguments, and on the other hand, to fearlessly reflect upon the received critique? How to translate poetry and take a road less traveled?

Festival Pranger selects three literary critics and each one of them selects three authors, who published poetry collections in the year before, thus highlighting a total of nine contemporary poetry collections.

Selection 2019

Festival Pranger, a gathering of poets, critics and translators of poetry, motivates readers to read and reflect in depth upon nine poetry collections with unconventional poetics, that were published in the year before. Pranger’s critics Barbara KorunAljaž Koprivnikar and Domen Slovinič have decided to put in focus of the festival’s 2019 programme the works of Alenka JovanovskiKlarisa JovanovićMilan ŠeljMaja MiloševičAndreja ŠtepecEsad BabačićVarja Balžalorsky AntićKaja Teržan in Jure Jakob.

Language in focus: Albanian

The same as goes for critics, goes for translators of poetry from Slovene to other languages – poet’s co-authors. They have the chance to meet the poet, while trying to transplant verses from one culture and reality to another.

This year, we’ve shone a light on the Albanian language and together with our translators we will weave new relations with the target culture. Poetry of Pranger’s chosen poets 2019 was translated into standard Albanian by the experienced translator Nikollë Berishaj, participant of a round table, taking place on Friday, 14 June 2019 in Rogaška Slatina.

Stritar’s Award for Young Critics

For the seventh year in the row, we hosted Slovene Writers’ Association, that presented Stritar’s Award for Young Critics at the concluding festival event on Saturday, 15 June 2019 at 8 PM in the Cultural Centre Rogaška Slatina. In 2018, the award was presented to Diana Pungeršič. 2019’s recipient was Martina Potisk.

ELA – Pranger for the Young

The youngest readers amoung us can benefit from the programme ELA, which for the first time took place separately from the main festival’s programme on 25 May 2019, in a tight collaboration with Library of Rogaška Slatina. Young poets wereinvited to participate in a Primary School Poetry Competition, open for entries from 12 February until 29 March 2019. All entries were graded independently by school triads. On Saturday, 25 May, families with their children and children’s menthors were invited to the award ceremony with accompanying literary programme for children and a banquet in Rogaška Slatina. The head of the programme ELA is mag. Nataša Koražija, director of Library of Rogaška Slatina.

Young Critique

Critics-beginners (you don’t have to be young to participate in this programme!) were invited to participate in a workshop, menthored by Maja Šučur, awardee of Stritar’s award for Young Critics 2017. Translation critics-beginners participated in a workshop led by Urška P. Černe. They all presented their work on a separate evening in Ljubljana on 12 June 2019.

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Discussions of critics 2019

Thursday, 13 June, 3 PM
Smoletova gorca (Sladka Gora)

Varja Balžalorsky Antić: Klobuk Vere Revjakine B. (LUD Šerpa Ljubljana), chosen by Aljaž Koprivnikar
Milan Šelj: Slediti neizgovorjenemu (ŠKUC Ljubljana), chosen by Barbara Korun
Alenka Jovanovski: 1080 stopinj (CSK Ljubljana), chosen by Barbara Korun

Friday, 14 June, 9.30 AM
Anina galerija, Rogaška Slatina

Klarisa Jovanović: Izgnana (KUD AAC Zrakogled Koper), chosen by Barbara Korun
Kaja Teržan: Krog (CSK Ljubljana), chosen by Aljaž Koprivnikar
Esad Babačić: Odrezani od neba (Goga Novo mesto), chosen by Domen Slovinič

Saturday, 15 June, 9.30 AM
Anina galerija, Rogaška Slatina

Andreja Štepec: Edit Paf (LUD Šerpa Ljubljana), chosen by Domen Slovinič
Jure Jakob: Lakota (LUD Literatura), chosen by Aljaž Koprivnikar
Maja Miloševič: Oder za gluhe (CSK Ljubljana), chosen by Domen Slovinič