Gunnar Waerness

Gunnar Wærness (1971, Trondheim, Norway): Poet, translator & illustrator.
Lives and works in Skeinge, Sweden.

Kunsthøyskolen i Fredrikssund1991 (art school, secondary level)
Forfatterstudiet i Bø i Telemark 1993-1994  (creative writing)
Skrivekunstakademiet i Hordaland 1994-1995 (creative writing)
Universitetet i Oslo 1997-1999 (Bulgarian language & literature + linguistics)
Different seminars in poetics and translation, both Sweden and Russia, 2005-2010
Lectures in Zimbabwean mbira-music with Tipei Marazanye, 2008-2012

Translated books:
“marmorhunden” (Oktober publishers 2008) from the lithuanian original by Sigitas Parulskis (with Liana Ruokyte-Jonsson & Mikael Nydahl).
“verden finnes ikke på kartet” (contemporary poetries from all over the world) editor & translator – with Pedro Carmona-Alvarez (Oktober publishers, 2010).
“tidens ingenkonge” – selected poems by Velimir Khlebnikov (with Mikael Nydahl, Aschehoug 2011)
“himmelske kamelføll” – selected short prose by Jelena Guro (with Mikael Nydahl, den grønne malen 2011)

Own poetry:
The poetry collections “kongesplint” (1999), “takk” (2002), “hverandres” (2006) and “bli verden” (2007)

Other publications:
Has also published – poems, essays & criticism – extensively in most norwegian literary journals and papers since 2002, in addition to swedish and danish journals, as well as scattered publications in Canada, Hungary, Bulgaria and Chech republic. Because of this practice (and the extensive participation at literary festivals throughout Europe) also translated into bulgarian, russian, chuvash, lithuanian, hungarian, chech, croatian, serbian, finnish, icelandic, danish, swedish, french, spanish and english (selections ranging from 1-20 pages for each language). Some of these translations are also included in a number of anthologies, among them the russian “Skandinavia-Atalsi” (Cheboksary 2007).

Theatre & performance:
“ikke bli sint” performed in 2006 at Nasjonaltheateret, as a part of the show “byens ansikt”, directed by Kjetil Skøyen and Runar Hodne. “flenge” – musical performance wth Erik Dæhlin, dramatikkens hus, Oslo 2010. “hullet” – musical theatre with Erik Dæhlin – ultima festival for contemporary music, Oslo 2010. “metamorphosis” – performance with Erik Dæhlin at Propellen theatrical festival, Trondheim 2011.  “The bread & the donkey” – a kabarett, with Henrik Skotte 2011.

Initiated, edited, produced and distributed the litterary journal “LUJ”, together with Monica Aasprong and Ingrid Storholmen, 10 numbers published 2003-2005.

participated with the illustrated poetry collection “bli verden” in the 2007 exhibition “headlines & footnotes” at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, curated by Karoline Ugelstad. Participated in the 2010 exhibition “god natt da du…” – surrealism (sic) in norwegian art 1930-2010, at Stenersenmuseet, curated by Lars Toft-Eriksen 2009.

“Tarjei Vesaas”-award in 2000 for “kongesplint” in 1999 (for best debut), and the “sproing”-award in 2007 for the illustrated poem “bli verden” (for best new comic book), and the poem “kjære bønn” was chosen as “poem of the year” in 2006, by the listeners of the radio-show “ordfront”. Norwegian critics award for “best translation”, with Pedro Carmona-Alvarez, 2010.

Other activities:
lectures at creative writing courses at “forfatterstudiet”, and “skrivekunstakademiet” in Norway. Worked as partial arranger of the literary festival in Trondheim, Norway in 2003 and 2005, as well as being co-founder, co-editor, and co-translator of the publishing house “Den Grønne Malen” with Mikael Nydahl, since 2007. This activity has involved translating the norwegian poet Tor Ulven into russian and chuvash, and translating Gennadij Ajgi from russian to norwegian, as well as editing and administrating works made by other translators.